Brown Bananas

Yuk.  I know they’re very good for you…rich in potassium and the fruit of choice for a lot of athletes, but bananas and I have never really got on.  They’re just a bit…banana-y.  Something about their texture and ugh, those stringy bits down the side.  Still, somehow I’ve ended up with 5 extremely ripe, incredibly brown ones in my fridge and not being one to throw food away if I can help it, I decided to bake them!  I found a banana bread recipe in a book that I’m sure was first issued in the 60’s (pineapple upside down cake anyone..?) so decided to give it a go in cupcake form. 

I braved the stringy bits, and cut out the worst of the brown bits (at what point does a banana go from extremely ripe, to off I wonder?), mashed it all and hid it amongst the mixture then abandoned it in the oven for 20mins.  And do you know, when I opened the oven…it smelt amazing!

Topped with some lemon butter icing and a few chocolate curls, they tasted lightly of banana (enough for me!) and were delicious still slightly warm.  They even look a little 60’s too!

Mrs B