Cake Balls!

I need cake!  A familiar battle-cry in our household admittedly but today’s was more urgent as said cake was needed by Mr B to take to a team meeting…you know the ones, where bribery with sweet goods is generally the only way not to get yelled at!

So I set about making some cake-balls – a cake pop without the stick.  Fun to make and more economical without the cost of the lollipop bit, hurrah!  The initial process is exactly the same as making cake pops with the mashing and the rolling up into ball shapes, then you freeze them for 10mins or so to make them nice and firm.

Naked cake balls


Then melt some chocolate, dip the balls in (with the use of some spoons otherwise mess. Everywhere.), place on some baking paper and sprinkle with edible decorations quickly before it sets. Ta da!

Dressed cake balls!

Mrs B